Backpacking food photographer

Sattva photo

Alex (Bodi) Hallett is a principal photographer and videographer at OUTDOOR EATS. He’s originally from the Northwest and, after living in and traveling the world for a number of years, has decided to once again make his home-base in the PNW.

When he’s not with the OUTDOOR EATS team on a delicious test-kitchen adventure, he’s traveling far and wide as a full-time photojournalist, travel photographer, and documentary filmmaker. Or, as he calls it: a full-time nomad, part-time hermit, no-time sleeper.

You can see his work all over our website and Instagram, and we invite you to check out his Instagram @SattvaPhoto and website

Ronald - MontyBoca Collaberator

Ronald Viernes

Ronald is responsible for the brand system design and continued collaboration on collateral for OUTDOOR EATS. 

Born and raised in O’ahu, Hawaii, he has made Seattle home since 2005. He hopes to someday visit all of the National Parks in the United States. Interests beyond exploring the outdoors include rummaging through vintage furniture/homewares at antique stores, collecting art, and digital hoarding.

His day job involves designing in-house for cloud-based supply chain & manufacturing software and tools. Always interested in opportunities to collaborate and helping people bring their ideas to life through design.

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Nicole - backpacking food enthusiast

Nicole Belloli

Nicole (Belo, Belofosho, Bellolipop) has many names and wears many hats at OUTDOOR EATS. What does she do? The better question is what doesn’t Nicole do? She brings her sunny California disposition to editing, brainstorming, formatting, in-the-field workshops and countless other tasks that not many folks see. With her help, she helps keep OUTDOOR EATS pointed in the right direction.

When she’s not on the trail or on the road with OUTDOOR EATS, she crafts her own clothes and accessories and tends to her ever growing succulent garden.

Favorite Food: All the sauces, specifically mustard

Spirit Animal: Elephant

Outdoor Bucket List Trip: Salsa dancing in Argentina + Patagonia exploration